View Full Version : Unwanted launch of programme during start-up

10-04-1999, 03:49 PM
I have a Pentium 300, running Win95 for past 12 mths.
Upon start-up/re-boot, it is suddenly attempting to launch my 'Dial up Connection' before windows has finished loading.

In detail, it starts fine from switching on until the windows theme plays (with a blank screen), but almost immediately after that, and before anything else appears on screen, the 'Dial up Connection' window appears, complete with my login name & is requesting the password to launch to 'Voyager'. Tagging the 'cancel' button on screen closes the window, and the start-up procedure continues absolutely as normal. If the 'cancel' button is not tagged, the start-up process halts.
This now happens every time I re-boot, and as I am using the computer as an answerphone/fax (using 'Talkworks') it becomes a problem should there be a power failure, as unless someone is there to tag that 'cancel' button, the start-up process halts.

Help !!