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25-10-2001, 09:22 PM
I have been sent a file with the extension lwp, I can only assume this file is from Lotus Word Pro. However I have been unable to open it. I have tried to get them to resend it in rtf format but have beem unable to get in contact with them.

I have tried installing the latest Microsoft office converter pack but this does not appear to support this file format. I have also searched the net and can not find any file converter or viewer to open this file. Does anyone know where I can find a viewer or converter?

25-10-2001, 09:40 PM
Hi Tristan.

This is the classic hassle we get from the Dos legacy.

Sounds like you will need Lotus Word Pro, don't you have a copy sitting around somewhere next to your copy of Wordstar?

Anyway, try opening it as a text file (rename it to txt, it's easier). You'll get masses of gibberish but might be able to see and extract the text you need.

Regards, Robo.

25-10-2001, 11:12 PM
Hello Trstan,

Head along to >>
and download a 30 day trial version of quick view plus, this utility will allow you to view your document, you can then copy and paste it into word etc, where normally it will retain all formatting etc.
Also very handy for converting MS Works files to Word etc.


26-10-2001, 04:52 PM
Must have been important if they went to the trouble of encrypting it. There is a brilliant utility called LIST, freeware by V Buerg, which I have used for years. There is a reasonably recent version 7 out. It runs under DOS, or in a DOS window. It allows you to look at text, binary, whatever, files. Displays text, or can be switched to hex display. It helped me spot that one of the information files on the OS/2 Warp3 CD was in EBCDIC, not ASCII. Clever IBM.

26-10-2001, 11:22 PM
I agree you with Graham, LIST is brilliant. You can put a short cut to it in the right click Send To so it also runs easily from Windows. It has a heap of functions built in. Who says DOS is dead! Use it all the time.
All Buergs' dos utilities were very good.

27-10-2001, 11:58 AM
Thanks for the link Alan. Downloaded quick view plus and was able to open the document with no problems.