View Full Version : Thanks for replies, double connection?

25-10-2001, 01:52 AM
Many thanks to Gary Glitter,Tweak'e, BC and any others who may yet reply.
I am much more enlightened.
You guys are great! Love the forum. Have read every posting this month. Learning lots.

Managed to change my own ram after reading forum. Did the Dick Smith $47 special offer. Removed one 128Mb SDRam dimm 100speed and inserted two new 128Mb SDRam dimm 133 speed.
Now have 256Mb. Love it.
Gave the removed one to relatives and installed it for them.
Removed two 16Mb EDO simms 66speed and inserted my used 128 SDRAM 100 speed dimm. They now have fourfold ram increase. They love it.
But for NZPC World mag, and you guys I would never have been able to do the mix and match with diff. ram types and bus speeds etc.
Forever grateful!