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25-10-2001, 12:38 AM
Yippee! I see that my first ever posting went through.

I have just found out what I did to get the double connection.
(I am a learner, 2years computer, 2 months internet)
I have just clicked on the IE icon on the quick launch toolbar, even though I am already connected and it has opened another line.
I am currently checking it out and now connected to Press F1, and also to a site on dogs that I searched for on Google. I was able to refresh the F1 page at the same time that I was downloading a video clip on dogs.
There were two separate blue downloading bars happening at the same time, one on each web page.
In the back of my mind I seem to recall something in the Clear brochures about not doing multiple connections. Is that what they meant? If so I had better not do it again.)

As a newbie to press F1, could someone enlighten me with these queries:
1. When making a post is it compulsory to enter a name in the first name box and the surname box.
2. I am a bit cagey about putting my real name on the net just yet so tried to put initials in first name box, but it said that it needed a surname. So I deleted the initials in the first name box and typed Learner in the surname box. Then it said it needed first name, so I typed in learner again. As you can see it posted it as learner learner.
How do others manage to get initials only, do you put one initial in each box?
3 Is it compulsory to list the e-mail address if a reply is not needed, and how secure is that information, can others get access to it and start spamming?
4 Don't laugh at me but what does LOL stand for? In the context that I see it often used, it doesn't seem to mean 'lots of love' or 'live on line'. Until someone enlightens me I will have to treat it as 'language of lunatics' eh!

25-10-2001, 12:56 AM
One initial in each box does it.
LOL means laugh out loud and you will sometimes see the sideways smiley face as well i.e. lol :)

25-10-2001, 01:12 AM
dont worry its not possible to do a 'double connections'. all you are doing is opening two explorer windows. next time you go to see a post on this site(or any link) right click it and select 'open in new window' very handy.

yes you need to enter two names. hint- a name can be a space ie hit the space bar.

like you uses their real name anyway. even if you did use a real name how would anyone know it was real?

email- see pcworlds privacy policy.

27-10-2001, 10:18 PM
The replies don't seem to have completely answered your question about 2 things downloading at once.
When a page is downloaded from the Net it actually gets broken up into a number of 'packets' which are sent seperately and reassembled at the other end. (A bit like several pieces of a jigsaw puzzle mailed in seperate envelopes for reassembly at the far end. The pieces are numbered with not only the piece number but which jigsaw they belong to.)
This means you can have 2 or more browser windows AND your email program all happily downloading at the same time. It LOOKS like they are loading at the same time but in actual fact they are just building the pages packet by packet.
So if you want 5 or 6 browsers all open at once doing different things it works.