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27-02-2012, 05:54 PM
Our laptop HDD died under warranty so took it back to Warehouse Stationery for repair. They are giving us the run around initially making us contact repairers etc, but we refused since it was their job to do that. They eventually took it away, but we now get fobbed off as to when it will be returned. Been a month now and no one knows what the status of the job is. They wanted our restoration discs but we didn't have any, and even if we did they would be ours and not for public use. Looks like this is where things are falling down, I think they might be quibbling over who pays for a new restoration HDD. But its under warranty so I thought it would be obvious.

27-02-2012, 06:11 PM
The warehouse actually have nothing to do with the repair under warranty. Apart from they send it back to who ever the manufactures repairer is, Being the Warehouse I'm guessing its a HP/Compaq. As long as the repairer is the actual manufacture agent and within the 1 year they give, then they simply put in a new HDD, and drop a factory image back on the drive and send it back. Of course all data will be lost.

Where it becomes "tricky" is if its one of their extended warranties, out of the manufactures 1 year. These are handled by a third party, NOT the actual manufacture, then they will piss about like you are describing.

Edited: How old is the laptop ?

27-02-2012, 10:04 PM
Should have just rung the HP repair centre and dealt with the repair agent in the first place. Yes, you have the right to go to the retailer, but this is why non-PC shops are a bad idea to buy things like this from.
Ring the HP 0800 number, assuming you have the serial number etc and chase up where it is etc.

28-02-2012, 10:45 AM
An authorised HP repair centre shouldnt need your recovery CD's. In fact they would know that many laptops
no longer come with recovery CD's

It sounds really fishy, perhaps Warehouse Stationary have decided to try & do the repair or system recovery in house??
Perhaps some goofball sent it off & kept no records of a job/case no ??
If you know the serial no, ring HP & try & track it down, the serial no should be on your receipt, or the side of the box if you still have that.

There is no way that this should take more than a week. In fact some HP comes with a next day warranty service(probahbly not your NB though)

Its time to really kick up a fuss, demand either the laptop back in working condition, in a few days, or a refund
There is no way that a month can be justified as reasonable time for a hard drive replacement

Alex B
28-02-2012, 10:52 AM
HP's standard turn around for consumer stuff is 3 business days as long as they have the parts in stock.

I would find out who your local HP agent is or ask WS who they have sent it to.

28-02-2012, 11:59 PM
The Laptop is a Toshiba C650 and the repair is coming under extended warranty via Crown Insurance who seem to be a division of Warehouse Stationery. Crown have just told me that they will warrant a new HDD but no software (apparently thats in the warranty terms and conditions). Thats lots of use returning a laptop that won't go, so having such an extended warranty which does not cover your O/S is next to useless. The machine actually belongs to my niece and being a newby had absolutely no idea what making restoration dics meant when she purchased it. So now that the HDD is dead, along with the restoration partition, one would think the replacement of a like HDD wouldn't be a problem. I have been fighting this for a while now and I'm sure there are many non techie laptop users who have not quite understood the value of making restoration discs. Whether we possess discs or not, I still believe a replica HDD as was originally in the laptop when purchased, should be provided. I actually have the skills to fix all this, but I just hate it when these companies give lay people like my niece the runaround, so I am pursueing it to the end.

29-02-2012, 07:17 AM
Most of the "Named" makers have not for while provided either a Windows disk or Recovery disks

After you set up your new comp you are prompted to make some Recovery disk's and are prompted every now again till you do

No use relying on a recovery partition when the Hard Drive falls over

Their are many ways now to protect your data out there now,many learn the hard way(yep even me) that if you don't have recovery disk's or backup ,it's gone

29-02-2012, 07:23 AM
they will warrant a new HDD but no software. Thats lots of use returning a laptop that won't go, so having such an extended warranty which does not cover your O/S is next to useless. .
Of course. Extended warranties are a con - and you would have been covered under the CGA anyway.

29-02-2012, 10:46 AM
Of course. Extended warranties are a con - and you would have been covered under the CGA anyway.

note its an insurance co, not a repair company...:badpc:
The commerce commision(?) has ruled the RETAILERS are liable for any extended warranites they sell.
The laptop is not in usuable condition without Win loaded. Take it up with the retailer . Contact the commerce commision or check theie website.
Its been a month. Threaten disputes tibunal, ask for some contact persons/managers names saying you will be making a claim with disputes tibunal . That should get some action. Tell them its still not in working condition, after 1 month.
They can do a manual reload & manual install of drivers, without restore disks. No excuses . If they cant then they/whoever shouldnt be repairing PC's .

- how old is this laptop ??
- restore disks are available from Toshiba (at a cost)
- no excuses for the manufacturer not supplying restore disks, they do supply them in box for the business class notebooks (Tecras etc) & other Manufacturers supply them, in box for business class PC's
- Manufacturers cant expect home users, who arnt tech savvy, to know about the importance of restore disks

Alex B
29-02-2012, 10:54 AM
Used to do the odd 3rd party insurance company repair too, it would always go out with an Image, if we didn't have disk then I would just install the version of windows it had an OEM licence for on the sticker.

02-03-2012, 12:29 AM
Latest news is that Crown insurance most certainly will not provide an O/S. The laptop is being sent back to me with a new HDD only. Warehouse Stationery is in consultation with Toshiba about restoration discs and who is paying for them is not yet clear. The local store manager has given us a small ray of hope, but we will see. My goal really was to highlight the pitfalls and difficulties non tech PC purchasers may experience with extended warranties provided by non IT 3rd parties. Also more effort is needed by stores selling these machines to explain how critical it is to create restoration discs. Just imagine an excited newby turning on their laptop for the first time and being asked to go through the process of creating restoration discs. Firstly, most wouldn't understand what thats all about, Secondly they didn't walk out of the store with a bunch of DVDs in preparation for this now did they?
Oh well here's hoping things will work out, otherwise I will just fix it myself!