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bk T
25-02-2012, 04:56 PM
This friend of mine has got some broadband wiring (connection) problems. Briefly, there are 4 wall outlets in this house, the Tp link ADSL wireless router and phone are connected to the same wall outlet near to the kitchen through a line filter. This connection works fine.

But as soon as other phone is connected to any of the other wall outlets (through line filter, of course), the adsl drops. Have changed the line filters with known to-be-good ones but produces same results. Sounds weird.

The next option would be getting Telecom (Chorus) to install the 'splitter' or dedicated BB connection. Both the Internet and phone are provided by Megatel. Spoke to Megatel's helpdesk guy who apparently knows very little what a splitter is and suggested us to contact Telecom (Chorus). Since both Internet and phone are provided by others, will Telecom bother to do the job?

Any qualified cable-man to recommend, preferrably in the Eastern suburb who can get the splitter installed?


25-02-2012, 05:48 PM
You should not need a full install done unless there is a monitored security alarm installed. Sounds like there is still something there connected to the phone line which is unfiltered.
Sky digital?
Could be a faulty phone, have you tried swapping the phones over to see if they both cause the same problem.

bk T
25-02-2012, 06:08 PM
If the phone is connected through the line filter, a faulty phone wil still affect the ADSL signal?

Will swap the phones to check the next time I drop in their house.

Still interested in getting the splitter installed if it doesn't cost too much. Remember, it was about $150.00 a few years ago.

25-02-2012, 08:35 PM
If the phone is connected through the line filter, a faulty phone wil still affect the ADSL signal?


Phone. Fax. Any device plugged into a ph jack.

Unplug all, then start plugging them back one by one - one at a time - not 1 then the next - so you can find which one causes it.

If none, start plugging into each jackpoint - could be the jack itself even.

Splitter - Telecom won't do it - you have to go through your ISP, if the one you spoke to didn't know - ask for a more senior person.

26-02-2012, 01:50 AM
Sounds like something is dodgy with the house wiring. You could take a look inside the jackpoints and make sure the wires are firmly in place for a start. Also have a look what kind of wires they are, older 6 wire cables had no real twist in them, don't work well with broadband, and can cause weird problems. Current cables have 2 twisted pairs, blue and orange, and are basically the same as what you'd find in a cat 5 cable without the other 2 pairs.

Getting a "splitter" installed is always a good Idea because the plug in filters are a common fault point, sorry though I don't know who'd do the work. You could try the yellow pages maybe and some electricians also do phone wiring these days.
Personally I don't like calling them splitters, they are just better quality filters but they do "split" the line in a sense by giving you a filtered output to the phone jacks and an unfiltered one for the broadband (yep it bypasses the "splitter" completely).

Because you say any other outlet can cause the problem I'd look at the jack used for the internet first - it's the common point and could be working despite a partial fault. Wiring is a little tricky though, sometimes faults are caused by the tiniest things even an unlucky bit of wire that happens to be exactly the wrong length. (a joint or termination at an exact fraction or multiple of a wavelength can cause reflections or zero signal at a particular frequency - not really likely in the case of broadband).

26-02-2012, 08:22 AM
I'd get an electrician in, and get a filter installed at the demarc personally :)