View Full Version : Thinking of upgrading to Windows XP?

24-10-2001, 03:32 PM
First up, this is not an advertisment but I thought the prices were ok, and for students (academic). I thought I would share with Press F1 users.


As follows:
Product Prices ex GST inc GST.
Windows XP Home Edition Full All $479.00 $538.88

Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade All $259.00 $291.38

Windows XP Professional Full All $779.00 $876.38

Windows XP Professional Upgrade Academic $217.00 $244.13

Windows XP Professional Upgrade Retail $479.00 $538.88

24-10-2001, 05:26 PM
We get charged so much more than americans for our software...

24-10-2001, 09:11 PM
we also get charged more than the students! Is there any difference between an acedemic version & a normal version, or would I have to forge that student id?