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28-01-2012, 05:46 AM
I have thousands of scanned items and 10,000+ pictures and I use ACDsee for all my scanned docs and pictures but I can't copy anything from my scanned documents which has been causing me some time and problems. I open with many programs and when I do all me files associated with the one I open will all change which are over 10,000 so I have to change one back then they all go back. This doesn't sound right to me so my question is I have a scanned documents which has a key of 64 digits which I don't want to type in so how can I do a copy and paste. This has really frustrated me so I could use any help you can give me. It looks like a jpg (JPEG), Thanks

28-01-2012, 07:38 AM
Unless you've got a program that is able to recognise and pull text from printed documents you'll have to type it. A scanned document is still an image, unfortunately, so you can't (as standard) directly select text from it.

28-01-2012, 07:55 AM
Office has a mediocre OCR app which might convert image-text to ASCII text which can be copied and pasted. I recently compared it with my older OCR, and the office one was accurate on text recognition, but hopeless on text layout/formatting in the resultant doc.

Gotta say though, I'm not sure that I understand the OP.

Sounds like you've got various image-reading apps that are fighting for dominance as the default image viewer. These files aren't changing your files, they're simply changing a registry key that makes Windows flip from using one programs icon in Explorer to another programs icon. See if you can get into the settings for one of them and take the tick out of "Make XYZ my default" Some programs are more civilised, and instead of seizing command over all your various image types they will give you an option of selecting if they should be associated with each or any of jpg, bmp, tiff, gif, png etc. This way one app that is better with png can be left associated with png, while another app can selectively be the default associated with bmp or jpg.

28-01-2012, 12:21 PM
To get the 64 digit text from the image

go to http://www.newocr.com/

Use the 'Browse' to locate your file and double click to select it
(leave the Recognition language at the default [T] English)

Click the 'Preview' button

Left click/drag to select the area on the image that contains the text you want

Now click the blue OCR button, and the text will be generated at the bottom of the page