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22-10-2001, 11:12 PM
Hi. Recently I bought a GeForce2 mx 200. (Apollo ANVE11MX-32M). This resides in a AMD K6/2 500 system, 256 meg RAM, on a FIC-VA503+ mb, Software is DX8 / Win98.

Now. My queries are as follows.

1. Should the core / memory speed be running at 143/143? All other mx chipsets I've come across are at 175/166.

2. Why is d3d performance in some games so pitiful? ie slower than the old 8 meg Vanta I had before this card??? (Even though that was at 125/100?) (yes, I'm aware of the 64 bit bus)

2d /3d performance is non-existent in some cases ... try about 3FPS in a demo of Microsoft's mech commander 2 for example. And about the same in Ratbag's Leadfoot Demo. (Even though they say this chipset is fully supported with no problems)

If anyone could help with these issues, please feel free to reply. Your help would be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

23-10-2001, 12:50 PM
my old system (which is up for sale) is simaler. same motherboard k62-500+@550 with tnt2m64. i had simaler troubles with the video. i simple got rid of the cheapo drivers it came with and used the latest detornater drivers.

the clock speed i wouldn't worry about as it will handle everthing your cpu can throw at it as it is. i used to have a tnt2pro which when overclocked provided no gain what so ever. the cpu is the bottle neck.

have you got quake3 demo?? do a time demo. should be around 30fps.

26-10-2001, 01:46 PM
Firstly, leave your frequency settings on default unless you have some _really_ good coooling going on.

As far as other things go, disable v(vertical) sync and that should pump up your performance. Moreover upgrade your directx to the latest version also.

hope that helps

26-10-2001, 10:38 PM
I'm already running the latest drivers. dx 8.0a ... nvidia reference drivers (now 21.88)

So everything there is ok. My query that hasn't been answered is why the clock/core is at 143/143? The only other cards I've seen at this speed are the mx100 and the tnt2 m64. Performance in *some* games (UT / Q3 - about 30fps at 1024*768*16) is ok for a machine of this spec and the bench in 3d mark 2000 is ok. (About middle of the lower range - 1590 (1024*768*16 16 bit z buffer 16 bit textures)

As pointed out earlier, it's the cpu that's bottlenecking the performance ... on Hardware T&L games (eg Max Payne) ... it runs ok ... not great, but that game was never intended for such a low-end platform.

Should I return the card for a credit / refund? I bought it thinking it was a fully fledged mx200 ... not a crippled one. (Generic box, no help with the *actual* specs of the card at all)

And yes, I have almost the latest 4in1 via patch (4.33)