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11-01-2012, 02:12 PM
EDIT: title should read certain files to a certain partition.

I have 48x 4gb .dat files (184gb total) which I tried to copy from an external HDD (seagate momentus XT) to my 1TB SATA on PC, connected via SATA (the 1TB is split into a FAT32 and NTFS partition).

I copied about 60gb from the external HDD to the NTFS partition, but stopped to finish later. Went back to finish copying the rest yesterday but now I get a "delayed write failed" error.
So I tried copying some files to my 320gb SATA on PC, and it worked fine. But when I try to copy the files from the 320gb to the 1TB NTFS, I get the same error about 20% in!
To test, I copied a few other files from the 1TB to the 320gb and back again, ranging from 100mb to 7gb, all copied fine and within 2-3 mins. So I went back to copy the .dat files but I still get the same error! If it were a problem with the HDDs, none of those other files would have copied to the 1TB NTFS partition. Also, the first 17 .dat files (64gb) all copied fine. So I'm completely stumped as to why the rest of the files won't copy when everything else does!

I've just disabled write caching under policies, still gives me the same error about 20% into 1 file, just takes a few mins longer.

I've even tried compressing the files to RAR, but it won't accept that either.

The .dat files copy fine to the first partition (FAT32), but it's the 2nd partition (NTFS) that gives me the DWF error. Even if I copy to the first partition, then over to the 2nd partition, I still get the error, so it seems like it may be the partition and not the HDD itself?

I scanned all HDDs with Seatools and checked with CrystalDiskInfo, but they're all fine and healthy.

Why won't those last few .dat files copy anymore? Even the same files that copied won't copy over to the same 1TB NTFS partition anymore. Completely stumped.

edit: just to clarify: There's a 320gb NTFS, 1TB in NTFS and FAT32, and a 500gb FAT32 (momentus XT), all connected to the motherboard via SATA and power cables.

specs: WinXP Pro, mobo P5K-SE, cpu e6570, 2gb ram.

11-01-2012, 06:41 PM
If it were me I'd reformat the partition. 184 GB is not a lot these days (And it doesn't sound like you have the OS on the partition

11-01-2012, 09:08 PM
By any chance do you have ATI drivers ?? If not have a read anyway, may help with the suggestions as linked below.

looking at many places, they all seem to say they could be a problem. Its a bit long, but have a read of This solution / problem (http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/236336-45-windows-delayed-write-failed) -- scroll down to the post by basspig ( 6th one)