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22-10-2001, 02:36 PM
Whenever I try to email directly from the Word document I get the following message:

The host 'ZFREE' could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly. Account: 'zfree', Server: 'ZFREE', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 11001, Error Number: 0x800CCC0D

Is it something in the settings? I am fairly new to Internet.I have not co ntacted zfree yet as I have had no response to two earlier problems.

22-10-2001, 03:58 PM
The first step is to create a Dial Up Networking Connection.

Double click on MY COMPUTER, double click on DIAL UP NETWORKING, (delete any existing or unused connection icons) double click on MAKE NEW CONNECTION.

For the name, delete 'My Connection' and type in your ISP, then click NEXT.

For the number type in your ISP's number

Click NEXT, click FINISH.

Right click (right mouse button) once on your ISP, and left click on PROPERTIES.

Click on SERVER TYPES. Remove the ticks from Log On To Network, Enable Software Compression, Netbeui and IPX/SPX Compatible. This will leave you with one tick for TCP/IP. Click OK. (Click OK again if you are not back in DIAL UP NETWORKING)

Right click on your ISP. Left click on CREATE SHORTCUT. Click YES when prompted to put the shortcut on the desktop.

Close DIAL UP NETWORKING (and MY COMPUTER if it is still open).

On the desktop you should have a new icon called: Shortcut to your ISP

This is your connection to your ISP, it is how you dial in with your ISP to become connected to the internet.

Double click on 'Shortcut to your ISP '. Delete the username, type in your ISP username and password.

When connected you can open your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape etc) or your email program (Outlook Express).

To disconnect, double click 'Shortcut to your ISP ' and click disconnect.

If you are already using Outlook Express to receive email from an existing account, and would like to configure it to receive your SlingShot mail as well, follow these steps:

1. Click TOOLS


3. Click MAIL tab

In this screen you will see your existing account. (Remove any existing SlingShot or unused/unknown accounts.) Click your existing email account to highlight it (It may already be highlighted). Click on PROPERTIES on the right hand side. Click on SERVERS tab.

Write down what is listed for 'Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)'. Delete it, and type in:

smtp.<'YOUR ISP'>.co.nz

Then click OK.

4. Click on ADD, click on MAIL.

Fill in display name with your name, or family name and click next.
Fill in your email address <username>@<isp.co.nz> and click next.

Your incoming mail server is a POP3 server - do not change this.

For incoming mail server (POP3) enter:
pop3.<your ISP>.co.nz

For outgoing mail server (SMTP) enter:
smtp.<your ISP>..co.nz

then click next.

Make sure your username is correctly entered and enter your password, click next.

Click finish, if finish is not available, click next, when prompted choose your i4free dial up connection, click finish.

Close Outlook Express, restart your computer and you're ready to go!

22-10-2001, 05:23 PM
If you are using Zfree Email account, then I don't think that you can do it as Zfree only provide Webmail or maybe they have now just that I don't know?

22-10-2001, 05:26 PM
This is from Zfree NewsGroup

'Shane.g' <shane.g@zfree.co.nz> wrote:
>How can i check e-mails from zfree through
>Outlook Express?
>Need SMTP and POP details.

these ports are BLOCKED
you can from time to time find them open when there checking the system
you'd do better if you wish to use outlook, use it with hotmail

22-10-2001, 09:46 PM
As far as I can tell, Zfree is purely web based. So there's no way in hell you can use any e-mail software to access Zfree at all - they do not have POP or smtp services.

So just give up trying and use your web-browser to do your Zfree stuff.

22-10-2001, 11:47 PM
Good work Victor.
If all the replies were as thorough as the information you have given in you posting then Press F1 would be a much better place. Well done mate :-)

24-10-2001, 01:22 AM
in light of all those replies you need to resort to the old fashioned way of sending a word doc. save it and the send it as an atachment. in zfree when you create a new message, at the bottom of the panel is 'Attachments' click the browse button locate the file and ok and send hope that helps