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25-12-2011, 06:41 PM
once upon a time when i had 2.75 GB of RAM in my computer it was all usable showing in resource manager oMB system reserved and windows 7 sytem panel now i have 3.50 GB of RAM and it shows in resource manger 257MB in system reserved and windows sytem panel show 3.50GB(3.25 Usuable) i dont mind if i dont find a fix cause its not too mmuch lost also soon i will be getting another 1GB stick for my system limit of 4GB will that still make me have 257MB system reserved if it does ohwell thnx in advance

Speedy Gonzales
25-12-2011, 06:45 PM
32 bit has a limit of around 3.25 GB usable ram. So, if you install 4 GB, you'll get the same. Unless you install 64 bit

25-12-2011, 08:56 PM
Onboard graphics use the RAM, and yeah - get a 64bit version of Windows....stupid limits....you might upgrade again after and once you're over 4GB you need 64 bit.

25-12-2011, 11:29 PM
Bear in mind reserved doesn't mean used. Windows can and does release it if something requires it. There was a lot of confusion about this when Vista came out and 7 continues the trend, the task manager doesn't show much free RAM because seeing you have plenty windows reserves some for various functions that might need it so it looks like the system is using more RAM than it actually is.

And I agree with pctek, unless you go 64 bit there is no point getting more than 4GB (or 3.5 ish).
If I understand it correctly 32 bit can only address 4GB RAM total but some of those addresses are used for system resources and Video RAM so there aren't enough left to address all 4GB which is why it's always somewhere around 3.2 ~ 3.5
Sometimes you can tell the BIOS to remap the video RAM and get a little more but never all 4GB

26-12-2011, 04:10 PM
ok thnx guys i do have 64 bit i should have noted that i was in a bit of a rush a the time and i have 256mb 2400pro gpu in my pc at the moment will be getting a 5450 2gb in a couple of weeks when i get my 1gb of ram

26-12-2011, 04:23 PM
and i also cannot turn off onboard video that could be why Intel P4 541 (3.2/800/1M) processor with EM64T and with HyperThreading and is hyperthreaded 533 MHz, 800 MHz (Processors with a 1 GHz FSB are not currently offered on these models) Standard L2 Cache 2 MB, 1 MB or 256K depending on processor
Chipset Intel 945G Express
Memory Expansion Slots 4 DIMMs
Memory Type Supported Non-ECC DDR Synchronous Dram (ECC not supported by Chipset)
Memory Speed
DDR2 Synch DRAM PC2-4200 (533 MHz) non-ECC memory
DDR2 Synch DRAM PC2-5300 (667 MHz) non-ECC memory
Maximum Memory 4 GB
Network Controller Integrated Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet for HP
Graphics Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900
Integrated High Definition audio with Realtek 2 channel ALC260 codec
Microphone and headphone front ports
Aux input connection on system board
Line-out and line-in rear ports on SFF/USDT
Line-out, line-in and microphone rear ports on CMT
All ports are stereo
Internal speaker
NOTE: Rear audio ports are re-assignable as line-in, line-out, or microphone-in, with an optional driver, which is available by download from the HP support website only.
PCI Slots
2 low-profile (2.5 inches), length (6.6 inches) standard
2 full-height (4.2 inches), length (6.875 inches) via optional riser card
NOTE: Express x1 and x16 skits are not supported with the riser card option.
PCI Express x16 slot 1 low-profile (2.5 inches), length (6.6 inches)
PCI Express x1 slot 1 low-profile (2.5 inches), length (6.6 inches)
AGP None
External Bays
2 bays (1 - 5.25 inch, length 8.189 inches)
1 - 3.5 inch (supports 2nd HDD)
Internal Bays 1 - 3.5 inches hard drive bays
MultiBay None
IDE 2 IDE connectors for optical drives
Serial - ATA 2 serial ATA connectors for SATA hard drives
USB 2.0 8 (2 front, 6 rear)
Serial 1 standard with 2nd optional
Parallel 1 standard
PS/2 1 keyboard, 1 mouse
DVI output Available via ADD2 card, PCI-E x16 card, and PCI card
Video Analog for integrated graphics
Support for Multi-Monitor Available via ADD2 card, PCI-E x16 card, and PCI card
Front - microphone and headphone
Rear - line in, line out
Power Supply 240W active PFC
Hard Drive Interfaces Supported 2 Serial ATA interfaces
Hard Drive Controller (PCI) Supported Serial ATA and my pc does not have all of this but most of it with windows 7 ultimate installed
these info may help use this for when looking at this site because i have certain stuff installed