View Full Version : Laptop Issue

21-12-2011, 09:35 PM
I have an HP 8315nr laptop that randomly shuts down
At first I thought it may be RAM, because if I take one module out, MEMTEST shuts off consistantly at ~19%
If I change RAM modules, then MEMTEST keeps going. But then it may shut off after one complete pass, or maybe after 6
If I change slots, one RAM module won't boot, and gives a beep code, the other boots fine and then will shut off at some random time.

So I took both out and put a completely different module in - it too shuts off after a while. I will concede however that this module is not proven good... so it may still be RAM and I have 3 faulty modules. For the record; MEMTEST comes up with no errors before the laptop shuts down

Ok, so then I suspected overheating. But the laptop sometimes shut off after 5 minutes, and then if I swapped RAM around and restarted it, it would last a few hours. Sometimes it shuts off immediately. other times it may run for hours; generally around 5 minutes though; even when hot

OS is XP pro; brand new install. All drivers installed. AV is MS Essentials, with SuperAntispyware. Not many other apps installed at this stage