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21-10-2001, 11:47 AM
I have ME installed, with 256 Mb DDR Ram and a 1.4 Gb processor.
My computer is shut down each night, after it has been running faultlessly all day. Next morning when I start it up again everything loads normally and my desktop appears without a hitch. However, after 5 or 10 minutes have elapsed, suddenly a message pops up recommending a re-start in order to continue. The message varies each time but is usually one of the following types :-
[1] 'An exception OE has occurred at 0028:C002 F804 in VxD---. This was called from 0028:DEOBB840'
[2] 'Invalid VxD dynamic link call to device number C000 Service 4E7E. Your Windows configuration is invalid ..... System halted.'
A conflict with Norton's Anti-Virus was suspected and this program was changed in favour of PC-Cillin.
The ZONE ALARM firewall program was also a possible cause and this has been removed to seeif it improved matters. All to no avail, however, as the problem still persists each morning.
Any comments on this behaviour would be appreciated.

21-10-2001, 11:56 AM

sounds like something to do with your display - 'VxD'

Maybe a driver conflict or something?

Apart from pointing you in that direction, that is all I can say.


21-10-2001, 12:27 PM
...you might find the following link of some interest. It applies to Windows 95, 98, SE & ME.


Cheers !!!