View Full Version : OK - you've convinced me. There are better things than Google.

20-10-2001, 04:50 PM
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I am now well and truely aware that you now all hate google (and plain white backgrounds). No problem. I have many other things to add to you desktop (and PressF1). Also, PressF2 should be on my website soon so go to <a href='http://www.geocities.com/george467/467pressf2.nsf'>my website</a> some time (it may not work quite yet. Try tomorrow. Anyway, how many of you use or recognise the service below:

<iframe src='http://www.hotmail.com'></iframe>

Yes, it's good old hotmail, and you can get it easily. Go through the same procedure as google, but in the location box, type http://www.hotmail.com. (You can add any website this way)

But wait - there's more: Add drive C: to your desktop - get the code <a href='http://www.geocities.com/george467/drivec.txt>here</a> (right click, save target as, drivec.txt in C:\windows\web, add to desktop).

Add PressF1 (or 2) to your desktop: Same as hotmail (http://www.pcworld.co.nz/pcworld/pcwpressf1.nsf) or http://www.geocities.com/george467/467pressf2.nsf for PressF2.

How to turn the entire pressf1 green: make a new post with the subject line being (<a href='http://www.geocities.com/george467/pcwgreen.txt'>download here</a>, right click, save target as...)

Tell me if you think of any more! (<a href='mailto:computer_nerd29@hotmail.com'>e-mail me</a>)

21-10-2001, 08:58 AM
Ok, replied to your other two posts, no good paragraph here. Just posting for the sake of continuity.

23-10-2001, 09:49 PM

You be careful what you say! I've got the code to turn pressf1 green...or yellow...or the same colour as the text.....haha...If you noticed the three are different. They are revisions. Each is better than the last...........