View Full Version : Windows 3.1 backup

20-10-2001, 02:18 PM
Windows 3.1 Backup files.
I have some old backup files as above. Is there any way I can restore these files through Win 98 backup?

20-10-2001, 03:47 PM
I wouldn't have fancied yuour chances of restoring those files with Win3.1 :>). I think the answer is 'NO'. You can probably buy a working computer which has Win3.1 on it for $5-10 these days. Do it, save the files as .ZIP in floppies, and move them that way. But if they are old, be prepared for a disappointment ... one dud floppy of the set can wreck the 'backup'. Or find some nice person who has a computer that they have to use when the kids have taken over the new one, who will do it for you. (If you need to get a ZIP programme for the old machine, it is PKZIP204.exe, I think: that will work in dos anyway)