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28-11-2011, 10:34 PM
I have a home made cabinet that houses a bluray player, VCR and an Xbox.

The bluray player is on it's own shelf with the rear left open. The VCR is on the top shelf with the Xbox on top.

The top section has a wood back with a 120mm pc fan installed blowing air from the back and out the front. It is spliced onto a USB cable for power and plugs into the TV - so whenever the TV is on the fan spins.

The fan does not appear to get much power from the USB plug and spins quite slowly although very quiet.

I would like to increase the power available to the fan - ideally I would like to replace it with an LED fan so the cabinet is 'back-lit' but the power from the USB connector would probably not be enough.

What can I use to power the fan? Ideally in such a way that it comes on/off with either the tv or the xbox (note the xbox usb ports are 'always' on even when xbox turned off they get power which is why I plug it into the tv).

I was thinking about using a low wattage pc power supply but seems like massive overkill just to power one fan. Especially as they normally have 2 fans just to keep the PSU itself cool!

I have basic electronic skills - can make PCB boards etc

What would you all recommend?

(Those of you who saw my rendition of a helicopter in another thread will be familiar with my lack of skill with MS Paint!!!!)

The Error Guy
28-11-2011, 11:14 PM
Old cellphone charger to power fan, or something similar such as an old printer PSU (usually 12v). Someone should be able to direct you on how to build a circuit that would turn on when you turned the TV on using the 5v USB rail as a power on signal.

One thing I would really watch out for is that 360, might wanna get as much airflow around that thing. The built in coolers on the original Xenon boards are terrible to say the least. The newer ones are better but still, with anything like that more cooling is gold