View Full Version : lost password for OE identity - how do i get back in?

18-10-2001, 06:43 PM
stupidly, i've managed to forget my password for my outlook express identity. it was probably an object sitting on the computer desk within my line of sight, something upon seeing i thought 'yeah, i'll make it that, it'll be easy to remember.'
anyway, to cut a long story short, i'm locked out, and in the inbox of that identity are some important emails. can't import them into another identity without the pass, and can't change the damn thing. anyone know how to bypass that?

18-10-2001, 07:03 PM
How do we know You, is really You?

If you forgot, you can't check your mail very often, or you would have remembered the password.

You could try checking:

20-10-2001, 04:28 PM
Would renaming any .PWF files help with this? I suggest renaming to say .PWD, so you can get them back if it doesn't work.