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30-10-2011, 05:44 PM
I have an Acer Inspire with the following specs:
Intel core I3, 4 gb DDR3 Ram, 1tb HDD, Nividia GForce 315 with Win 7 Home Premium.

This computer has had a large number of problems and I have now run the Recovery discs to bring the C: Drive back to manuafacturers specifications.

Since then I have put very few applications on. I use Windows Live Mail and IE 8.

Both these applications have had problems. The mail client has started OK after first turning on the computerr but will not start again after the use of other programmes. A similar problem exists with IE. It will run for a period of time and then I get a blank screen. sometimes I get a greying out of the screen.

I have removed Windows Live altogether and loaded Thunderbird. This is generally running OK except once it took some time to start.
IE is still the same.

I have run the Resource monitor and there seems to be some variation in the memory usage. Relative values right now are:
Hardware Reserve 73 mb, In use 796 mb, Modified 28 mb, Standby 2467 mb, Free 739 mb

The standy portion has often been larger resulting in smaller free memory and on other occasions the reverse has applied.

I am not very knowledgeable about memory usage but this variation in Standby and Free seems odd. I would expect to have well over 2500 mb available for applications.

Incidentially these problems were in existence before I ran the Recovery discs which made me suspicious of a hardware fault.

Acer are of no help, just saying it is a software problem.

Any advice on this problem would be appreciated.

Thank you

30-10-2011, 06:03 PM
See attached my Task Manager. Asus dual core Desk top running W7 Pro. Only 2 gb RAM so yours should have plenty.

30-10-2011, 07:31 PM
I have a roughly similar spec Acer with similar numbers in resource monitor and no problems. I don't use IE, but do use Thunderbird. I think the Standby figure refers to ram that is is reserved by Windows but not used.