View Full Version : Automatic zipping in Outlook 2000

18-10-2001, 10:37 AM
I have a friend who uses Outlook 2000 for all his emailing. He has an anoying occurance when attaching some files. Certain files (and he thinks it may be size dependent)automatically zip themselves and he wants to stop this occuring. I don't have access to Outlook 2000 or his computer (he lives too far away), so was hoping someone reading this may have a suggestion. Thanks.

18-10-2001, 04:48 PM

It would work out better to have files zipped anyway to make them smaller.

19-10-2001, 11:06 AM
Yes it is a friend!

He emails alot to some of his older friends who are not up with the concept of zip files. They therefore cannot read his attachments.

I agree that it is better to have smaller files but in this particular case it is just proving to be an annoyance