View Full Version : System Crash

07-04-1999, 04:22 PM
I have a Pentium MMX200 with Windows 95 (latest release). Two SCSI hard drives and a SCSI JAZ drive. The main drive C: is 68 pin with the other and the JAZ on a 50 pin cable. 32mb ram is installed.
The system frequently freezes because it can't seem to find the C: drive all of a sudden. For some reason I have to turn the machine off completely, at the wall too, and it seems to need to wait for ten to fifteen minutes before it will start up again. Otherwise the DPT SCSI card won't detect the 68 pin main drive. Sometimes it doesn't detect any devices, but usually picks up the two 50 pin ones. The reset button works properly with the memory test and BIOS running OK, but I tried resetting more than 30 times without it detectng the C: drive before switching off at the wall and on again and then it detected all devices correctly first time. Maybe some clue?
Sometimes it even detects all drives, runs scandisk completely through but won't load windows or even DOS and I have to reset.
I've got no clue - can anyone make any good suggestions as to what I could do, given that I can't really send the machine in to the shop for more than a day - we don't have another to continue work with.