View Full Version : Asus CUSI-M BIOS - Cleron 766 L1 Cache setting

16-10-2001, 11:00 PM
I'm setting up a computer with a new Asus CUSI-M motherboard and a Celeron 766 Socket 370 CPU and 256MB of PC133 SDRAM. The mboard has an Award BIOS version 1009.

The m/board is set to jumper free mode. Most of the BIOS settings have been left on Auto and/or default settings. The BIOS appears to detect everything correctly, and sets the CPU-related options as follows:-
CPU Internal Frequency [766MHz]
CPU Frequency Multiple [11.5x ]
FSB/SDRAM Freq. (MHz) [66/100]
CPU Level 1 Cache [Enabled]
CPU Level 2 Cache [Enabled]
CPU Level 2 Cache ECC Check [Disabled]

The problem is, every time I start the computer from a cold boot it stops at the BIOS Setup screen with 'CPU Level 1 Cache' highlighted. Does this mean that I must disable the Level 1 Cache? Surely a Celeron has a L1 cache and this is essential to the performance of the CPU? Please will someone advise me on this.

Many thanks in advance.