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John Calvert
06-10-2011, 09:32 PM
When I'm connected to a LAN and need to access one of the other servers I know how to map a drive. No problem.

However, at some stage I have managed to get a permanent link in 'My Network Places' to a particular named place on a particular server. Perhaps someone did it for me or perhaps I fluked it while I was playing around - I don't remember, it's been there for ages.

I'd like to make some new ones to other servers (i.e. the ones I often map drives to). This would save me having to remember IP addresses and long strings of directories and sub-directories.

I should mention that this mystery folder does not try to connect until I click on it - exactly how I want things (most of the time I am NOT connected to the LAN when I boot my machine). So I don't think the "reconnect at logon" checkbox in Map Network Drive is the way to go.

Does anyone know how to add an entry to 'My Network Places' that need only be set up once?

07-10-2011, 09:51 AM
Mapping drives as described is the long way of doing things, especially for how you described its need.

I have three servers here, this PC as well as others all with links to various files or folders on different machines.

Simple way to do it is navigate to the file or folder you want on what ever server or other PC its stored - simply right click - send to/Desktop (Create Shortcut) a new link appears on the desktop, which you can leave there or move to another folder/location on the PC you are working on, change its Icon etc.

It wont open unless the PC is connected to the LAN, it will simply say network source not available.

As an example - see attachment - a spreadsheet I have on a server - note its location.

07-10-2011, 12:27 PM
some options
- setup mapping on login scripts
- make a batch file with "net use " (you'll have to google that one)
- map drives permanently via you PC = browse the share , right click & map network drive (tick auto reconnect)
- my computor- tools-folder options-veiw-(TICK) automaticlly search for network folders ..... (this is for XP)
- turn on network discovery in Vista Win7

John Calvert
07-10-2011, 06:55 PM
Thanks for the replies.

However I really wanted it to be there in Explorer since the thing I do most is move files to and from the network drives, so I want them in the "tree" in the left panel whenever I need them. I never actually open the files directly from the network drive as I'm working remotely and it's far too slow.

Going back to the desktop to click on a shortcut and getting a new window is unfortunately too roundabout.

I stumbled on the answer myself, so here it is for XP Pro:

Start > My Computer
Make sure "Common Tasks" is showing in the left-hand pane. If not, Tools > Folder Options and click the radio button.
From the "Other Places" group, choose "My Network Places".
From the "Network Tasks" group, choose "Add a Network Place".
A wizard starts and from there it's pretty self-evident what to do. Though of course you have to know the path at this stage.