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06-10-2011, 07:25 PM
Toshiba rant about upgrading to 3.1

Background: The Toshiba AT100 (Thrive) is being sold in Australia and New Zealand with Honeycomb 3.0 installed.
HoneyComb 3.0 on the Toshiba AT100 Tablet causes some 'Sleep/Resume' problems and random reboots (often when it is being used)
Often the only way to get it working again from the 'Sleep/Resume' fault is to either take the back off, remove both batteries for 5 minutes and put them back in. Another option is to do a Hard Reset and return it to the 'Factory Default' state which means all your installed programmes, files, data is wiped and has to be installed again, including PAID FOR programmes.

Toshiba New Zealand have on their website (mytoshiba.co.nz/support) that the 3.1 update will be available on 6th of October, which was only loaded after numerous complaints and some publicity about the problems with honeycomb 3.0 in some tech magazines.

I originally called the Toshiba help line/Contact centre and was told I HAD TO take the tablet to a service centre to get the upgrade to 3.1; THey could not give any answer why ity was not available OTA for customers but service centres had 3.1. They also told me i would only take an hour or so to install 3.1; When I got to the Wellington Service centre they said I should never have been told they could do the upgrade in an hour, they needed to have my AT100 for FIVE to SEVEN business DAYS!!!

I decided I would wait for the OTA update on 6th of October.

Today is the 6th of October:
I called the contact centre at 05:45pm and why is the Honeycomb 3.1 update for the Toshiba AT100 Tablet NOT AVAILABLE to Australian and New Zealand customers to download through the TSS on their Tablets as advised on the website?
The first person I spoke to (Glen) flat out lied to me, and tried to tell me it would be available today 6th October, as the website says, but said no where in the world could it be downloaded and installed by customers! When I asked to speak to a team leader, he hung up on me.

I called back and got Suresh, who told me the update would NOT be available to download and that I needed to take the tablet to a service centre to get the update. When I told him the web site said it would be available TODAY 6th October for customers to download and install he said it was not available no matter what the website said.

I then asked to speak to a team leader, he said his team leader would tell me the same but enventually said he would try to get a team leader on the phone to talk to me.

After a while Suresh came back on the phone and said his team leader would NOT TALK TO ME, and refused to give me his team leaders name.

I said I wanted to lodge a complaint about his and Glen's appalling customer service, and he said he could only take my name and request Customer Relations will call me, but said the current 'wait time' for a telephone call from customer relations was ONE WEEK!!!! He refused to give me his team leaders name, and refused to transfer me through, and did not seem to know anything about the update.

So Australian and New Zealand AT100 owners, it looks like Toshiba have been lying to us. (again) And if you dont want to ROOT your AT100, and dont want to take it to a service centre and wait for days to get it upgraded to 3.1, we're stuck with 3.0!

Tomorrow my AT100 may may be going back to the shop I bought from and I'll get my money back.

06-10-2011, 07:42 PM
I just don't buy Toss shiba, never had a good experience.

08-10-2011, 06:01 AM
Not sure what you are on about?

I've had mine about a month Toshiba service station software reports Android version

I don't recall doing anything or having any freezing reboot issues.

Speedy Gonzales
08-10-2011, 10:56 AM
The thrives had issues coming out of sleep. And 3.1 something was meant to fix it. Only prob (according to a few sites) was you couldn't download it through TSS whatever it is. It wasn't there. And everyone in the world got it except Oz and NZ. And you have to go to a service centre so they can update it in NZ. This issue is also on the Toshiba NZ/AU FB site. And people were (and probably still are) asking where's the update