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15-10-2001, 05:18 PM
Just to update all the people who gave me advice last week regarding upgrading my RAM -- I'm very pleased to report that I did it and am absolutely thrilled with the results. So much so that I'm now in no hurry at all for a new faster computer, as the speed improvement has been amazing, even on my 3? yr old Pentium II 266 MHz.

I added 128mb Kingmax SDRAM PC 133 to my original 32mb ram and was surprised to find that the two work together giving me a total of 160mb - my wildest dreams came true LOL.

Purchased it from Ascent www.ascent.co.nz/ and had it delivered the next morning (as long as you order before 4pm)

Don't think about upgrading your RAM -- just do it!!

15-10-2001, 06:14 PM

Another happy customer

16-10-2001, 03:22 PM
Great to hear you are happy with the results your next memory upgrade should be another 128 megs of the same ram and then you can sell the old 32megs. also a new hard drive works wonders as well if you want to have a speedier system picked up a maxtor 15 gig 7200rpm for $140 the other day on trademe.co.nz.My advice is hang onto your machine as long as you can,theres always a better and faster PC out there .If it does all that you want then that is all you need.The ultimate upgrade is a cable connection it makes surfing the net a pleasure.
I personally think PCs are way too powerful now for the majority of users excluding the hardcore gamers and power users of intensive graphics programs such as photoshop which by the way takes around 2 years to use lol