View Full Version : IE-Radicator & web view (attn: Allan Cottrell)

15-10-2001, 11:26 AM
Since I had problems with IE5.0, I used IE-Radicator to uninstall IE. I then reinstalled IE and it is fine now. The problem now is with what IE-Radicator did to the desktop / file viewing.

From IE-Radicator web site: 'This latest IEradicator is actually watered down a little from past versions to leave behind the Windows Update files and web-view desktop features in case you want to re-install Internet Explorer (even though web-view slows the shell down considerably). This decision was made to stem the complaints about how web-view and active desktop were not available after removing IE ... HELLO!!!!! You just removed IE!!! Thats the whole point!!!!!....but.... we crumbled to the pressure as obviously people have forgotten how fast windows was prior to all the shell integration! (even on a gigahertz monster) :o) '

Well, their promise of 'leave behind the Windows Update files and web-view desktop features' is not true because now I cannot update Windows and worse yet, whenever I open a folder and go down a few layers the [back/forward] arrow is missing as well as the ability to view html-gif-jpeg files as thumbnails.

So, I wonder if anyone has a way of solving this problem? I am reluctant to re-install Win98 (shudder to think of the bugs and crashes that may result), and the MS site says that the desktop files (etc) cannot be taken from the Win98 disk. Ideas anyone? Allan?

Thanks, Steve