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15-10-2001, 12:19 AM
When I click on a file this pops up: 'Error Message: An Error Has Occurred In the Script on This Page', and it asks if I want to continue anyway - chosing 'yes' gets me the file no problem. But I cannot view html GIF and JPEG files as a thumbnail at the side of the folder (as 'web view').

So, I went to Microsoft web site and found: 'How to Add or Remove Windows Desktop Update' .... But.... then:

'NOTE: You cannot remove the Windows Desktop Update from Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me), or Microsoft Windows 2000 because it is an integrated part of these operating systems.'

This scripting problem started when I used IERadicator to get rid of IE5, since it was buggy; I then reinstalled IE5 and it is fine now. IERadicator 'readme' notes mentioned that desktop web view would be lost in the previous version of IERadicator but it was fixed now - or was supposed to be.

Anyway, enough digressing. Am I stuck with the script error?

Would reinstalling Win98 help? (I am not fond of doing this as it seems prone to messing things up big time.)

Thanks, Steve

15-10-2001, 01:48 AM
...your annoyance - in all probability - is a result of using the 'IEeradicate' Utility which strips out your Internet Explorer 4x kernel.

This programme makes *extensive* changes to the Operating System and either deletes, disables or strips-out a number of functions in Windows.

Although highly affective, less-experienced-users will have difficulty restoring those functions and I would *not* recommend its use to them.

May I suggest you repost your enquiry with a subject line calling on 'Allan Cottrell' who is a regular contributor to this Board.

For some time, Allan has been promoting the use of this Utility and might be able to assist.

I wish you the best.


15-10-2001, 09:40 AM
Hello again Steve,

You should be able to get rid of the error message, by opening up Internet Explorer and going to Tools, Internet options, Advanced, then make the following adjustments,tick the box ' Disable script debugging ' and untick the box 'Display a notification about every script error'
In regard to you not being able to use the ' as a web view function' Ieradicator no longer removes this part of the subsystem and I have not had a problem with it, I think this is more likely linked to your other posting of tonight re your Desktop Icons, this indicates that your registry is messed up to a degree, and probably the easiest fix for you now is to just reload 98 over the top, it should not mess anything up if you just reload it from Windows, let me know how you get on.


15-10-2001, 11:45 AM
Hello Alan,

Thanks for the advice. I checked the Advanced settings as you suggested, but unfortunately this was already done: 'Disable script debugging ' and untick the box 'Display a notification about every script error'.

As you can see from the post that I just made (before reading your reply above), IERadicator's promise of not changing the desktop/web view, etc. - was not valid in my case.

OK, with trepidation I will reload Win98 over the top. I do have Norton's reg tracker and Rescue Zip Disk so I should be able to get the system back if there are problems. I just have bad memories of reloading Win95 on my old (dog of a) computer and having to reformat and start over.