View Full Version : How to save desktop arrangement settings.

14-10-2001, 11:53 PM
From time to time there is a glitch in Win98 and the desktop reverts to the automatic arrangement. This is a pain because there is a lot of folders and shortcuts on my desktop and rearranging them into a logical order is a hassle.

I went into Windows and made a copy of the desktop folder, and then put this back after a glitch auto-arranged the desktop, but this did nothing.

Where is the file that can be saved so the original desktop arrangement can be restored?

15-10-2001, 01:47 AM
The arrangement of icons is saved in the registry (which is obviously a bad idea but thats MS for you).

Its reseting because something is broken in the registry, you could try running RegClean or similar.
Also try shutting down to DOS mode and running:


15-10-2001, 08:08 PM

I have experienced this effect from time to time and the bigget problem was not simply rearranging the icons & shortcuts, it was getting them back in the same place. I could never get them quite the same again and my mind map would see me going to where the icon or shortcut wasn't.

The solution? Once I had the screen set up the way I wanted it, I hit print screen then pasted the image into Paint. Next time I just printed the image and had the screen back the way I wanted it in a couple of minutes.

The simple solutions are often the best!

Billy 8-{)