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Billy-Joe Bob was the brightest child in the small Ozark community in the holler, and the whole town knew their health in the future depended upon him. He was pushed to excel in school and handily passed his entrance exams to college to become a doctor!

All eight years of his training were paid for by the folks in the holler scrimping and saving and sending all their profits and in many cases selling their own farm animals to keep him in school and to get that medical degree to become the doctor that their holler needed so badly.

When he returned to the holler to thank all the people who had done such a wonderful thing for him and paid for everything he had learned, his father was so proud that he arranged for the whole community to stand in his front yard and Billy-Joe Bob and he climbed on the roof of their barn to address all the town's people.

The crowd was cheering and yelling his name, so proud to know that one of THEIR sons had become a real-doctor!

Billy-Joe Bob's father put up his arms to quiet the people and they hushed their cheering and stood quietly to hear him talk.

Before Billy-Joe Bob could say anything, his father stepped forward and told the crowd:"We are all happy to have a doctor living with us'n now, to take care of us and make us a real community. Now I know that everyone is full of questions and we'll get to that. I'm his father and I get to ask him the first question"

Turning toward his son, he said in a loud voice: "Son, tell me what the ONE biggest thing that you learned in your eight years in college was."

Billy-Joe Bob thought about telling them about human homeostasis or how the blood circulates through the body or perhaps how the eyes work and 'see' visions on a film in the back of the eye that is actually part of the brain, and a myriad of other marvels of the human body - but he thought about it and just decided to say something that was so interesting to him that he just had to tell it out.

With a loud voice he stepped forward, all the town's people straining intently to hear his first words.

"Pi are square" he phonically stated. The crowd had never heard such a thing. They just stood there, lookin' dumbfounded.

Finally after a long silence his dad came up behind him and smacked him in the back of the head so hard that he fell ass-over-teakettle into the hogwaller.

"That, son, has to be the stupidest thing we all've ever heard!" said his dad. "It looks like all our money has gone for nutthin'! Everyone here knows that pie are ROUND, it's CORNBREAD that are square!".

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TY - my mom told me that joke in about 1960.