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14-10-2001, 12:57 AM
I hope someone can help me with this, it is driving me nuts and broke.
I have an HP 8210e external CD writer that has performed pretty well for a couple of years, but recently I keep getting write errors and the Cd ends up useless. The error message on 3 different programs I use is usually 'write error: bus reset detected' I am assuming it is a USB problem. I trashed about 20 cds last week trying to sort it out and then last night wrote 2 perfect copies and thought 'yay gotcha!' But no, today it was back to square one again. I am running an AMD Athlon 900, Via chipset, 256meg Ram & ME/Linux. I have formatted & reinstalled ME, changed cables, installed latest USB drivers, installed latest drivers for mobo & chipset and I am about ready to do the walker wireless on the writer and get a new one!!! Please does anyone have any ideas

14-10-2001, 08:28 AM
Billy, doesn't sound good. I have gone through two cd writers, one of which probably wrote about ten cds in total. They seem to die, but only once the warranty has expired. I would try the HP web site and see if there is any mention of the error. Also, you could try it one a friends PC and see if it gets the same result (an external USB unit is pretty easy to move).
Good luck, regards Robo.

14-10-2001, 01:13 PM
Thanks Rob, my kids have another computer that I have networked to mine, an old Cyrix 300 with W98 and 64mb ram and no usb ports. So I shot down to Dick Smiths and bought a Usb card and chucked it into a spare PCI slot. Cranked it up installed the CD Writer and software and wrote 4 CDs at full speed without a hitch. My kids are cracking up their box of bolts, that I built out of spare parts will do what Dads $5,000 machine won't!
Its got me stumped. I have searched everywhere for an answer, HP, M$oft, Via, AMD and come up with nothing.
Someone told me that Via had some Usb issues with older chips but as mine is only a year old and has the latest drivers there shouldn't be a problem. Looks like I will have to donate the HP to the kids and use it for an excuse to go and buy myself a nice new Plextor!

15-10-2001, 12:13 AM
Here's a MSKB site I found. Not the same OS but the principals apply.