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13-10-2001, 01:05 PM
I am running WinME. A few months ago I made a post concerning fff.....tmp files in c:\windows. Thanks to your replies I traced the problem to MDM.exe being loaded at startup. No worries, I just removed the entries from the registry.

Now, a few months later, MDM is back along with the tmp files, but there is no reference to MDM in the usual places in the registry, a registry search reveals nothing interesting, msconfig has no reference to it, and astandard search brings nothing to light as far as I can see.

Any ideas as to why it is being loaded at startup, and where from? About to do a step by step confrimation startup.

Hope that helps.

13-10-2001, 01:28 PM
System.ini ???

Look for load= and run= entries.

13-10-2001, 02:21 PM
MDM.exe is loaded in the Registry. I believe its somewhere in:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\RunServices

I don't know what it does or why it's loaded, but I do know its a Microsoft program (not that that means it's safe to use LOL)

13-10-2001, 02:58 PM
Hello Graham,
MDM.exe is normally loaded as part of office 2000 or Microsoft script editor, you can prevent it from running from the registry key posted by mike, by just putting >xx in front or similar of the key.


13-10-2001, 06:21 PM
Allan and Mike,

This key does not exist on my machine as I removed it months ago when I wanted to stop it running from startup.

It only runs when an explorer window does - I have since found out it is not just 'IE', but explorer (the same app I know) generically.

Here's a twist though - it does n't happen when I launch explorer from a desktop shortcut (although I havn't tried all of them), but only when I launch the app manually from quick launch, or startmenu.

btw, sorry scooby - nothing.