View Full Version : IE6 + Go!Zilla4

13-10-2001, 10:38 AM
How in IE6 can someone disable the Windows Download window that pops up when you click a download. I usually allow Go!Zilla to handle downloads though you can cancel it out by holding the Alt key. So, how does someone cancel the windows download window so that the user can pick between a download manager or windows.
In a earlier post this morning someone mentioned that Go!Zilla4 worked with IE6.

13-10-2001, 10:56 AM
To go straight through to the download manager, try pressing ctrl and alt while clicking the download link.

13-10-2001, 11:04 AM
Thanks but I have already barked up that tree, tried CTL, tried ALT and tried both together, Windows, bless its 'lovely soul?' still kicks in. I must be missing something.

13-10-2001, 11:16 AM
Found it......hold down together SHIFT and CTL together and you will get a prompt from GZ to download or cancel and a couple of other options. Thanks Dylan for the very prompt reply all the same.
Cheers. G