View Full Version : MSfax & fax from Word/Excel, not working

18-09-1998, 09:13 AM
I recently trailed Superfax, a fax from MSWord application, but it did not suit my needs. I deleted the program from Control Panel ? Add/Remove Programs, and now MSFax will not work. MSFax accepts the document for faxing, requesting number etc, but then ?zips? through the dialing, faxing routine in less than half a second. Messaging displays the fax as having been sent!

I have deleted & reloaded Windows Messaging & Fax but the problem persists. I reinstalled Superfax but it suffers the same fate. Superfax did not install a Fax driver in the Select Printer Window. I installed a stand alone fax program and that works fine, but does not have the broadcast ability of MSFax.

It seems to me there is a file or two missing from Win98, that converts the Word document to a fax format, but I lost from here on in.