View Full Version : VPN connection on Motorola Defy via 3G

11-08-2011, 12:41 AM
I've set up a number of VPN connections on Android phones and found it very simple.

But have some weird issues with a Motorola Defy. I set up a connection couple of months ago before I went away and it worked on both WiFi (from within the office network) as well as on 3G (with WiFi off, effectively connecting from outside the office). But the owner never got it working since I left.

It was working before I went away, connected to the VPN via 3G, and downloaded email from Exchange, but for some unknown reason it stopped working via 3G now. If I turn off 3G and connects via WiFi, it does connect onto the VPN. Normally, I can't connect to a VPN using external IP when I am on an internal network, so it's a bit weird.

Is there any special settings to get VPN working on a Motorola Defy on a 3G connection? It keeps complaining about a firewall and Telecom told the owner to consult his ISP, in this case its the XT network!

I am using a PPTP connection, with "Enable encryption" turned off, DNS search domain is left blank. I can connect very quickly on my HTC Desire with the same settings and also from other laptops, so there is nothing wrong on the office end.

17-08-2011, 05:30 PM
After trying everything, had another poke around the settings and found that the APN settings set to wap.telecom.co.nz, changed that to internet.telecom.co.nz and hey presto, it worked!!

So it was the APN settings all along. I am sure that it worked when I first set up the VPN, not sure why the APN settings changed. I wonder if Telecom push the APN settings to the phone? Did they change it in the background some how, who knows?!!