View Full Version : AGP, USB support for win95

06-04-1999, 01:58 PM
I am studying away from home right now. All I remember is I have a Gigabyte GA-586TX3 m/b which came with some disks containing Mastering Bus, PCI bridge for win31/95/nt. These works fine for win95. I also have win98 which works fine too by not needing those disks.

My question is: I have a faint memory that those disks I have just mentioned contains win95 USB driver. Do you think that its possible??? Win98 slows me down and gives me nothing!! Too MS have withdrawn their win95 usb driver from their www!!!

My next question: I plan to upgrade another computer (not the above) to a K6-II/III or Celeron/PII and the m/b. I would also move to a AGP graphics. Where would I get the AGP win95 drivers, WILL they be provided with my graphics card and/or my new m/b??

I prefer not to use win98 if possible.