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10-10-2001, 12:58 PM
When I try to restart my computer the following occurs:
1. The normal Windows 98 window appears.
2. This changes to a black screen with a cursor flashing in the top left corner.
3. The blue screen opens with my network password box.
4. The computer freeses here with no cursor movemnet response.
5. Pressing Ctl/Alt/Del produces the 'System busy or has become unstable' warning.
6. Pressing any key produces a black screen with cursor arrow and hourglass. After 15 seconds this changes to blue screen with a Close Programme box showing:
a. Ati2evxx
b. Msgsrv32 (not
responding) highlighted.
c. Rundll32
d. Mstask
7. If I click End Task (ie Msgsvr32) I am able to type in my password wich results in a blue screen with a responsive cursor but nothing else happens.
8. Pressing Ctl/Alt/Del again brings back the Close Programme box with only Ati2evxx showing , but not hiighlighted and not saying 'Not responding'.
9. Clicking End Task produces the blue screen with responsive cursor but nothing else happening.
10. Ctl/alt/del produces a Close Programe box with no programmes showing in it.
11. Clicking Shut Down here shuts down the computer.
12. Turning the computer back on results in a normal start up.
13. If Shut Down or Restart are used again, the same process occurs.

I'm using a 18 month old Dell Dimension 4100 running Windows 98SE. This problem has only started a day ago when I used Restart after getting a 'This programme has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down' message.

I have no sound card fitted.
I have another computer runniing Windows 98 (not SE)with the Msgsvr32 file in it. Would it be advisable to copy Msgsvr from the other computer to the troublesome one?

ANy other advice as to how to get rid of this problem will be greatly appreciated!

10-10-2001, 02:44 PM
It's very unlikely that msgsrv32.exe is the cause of the problem, this program controls a lot of windows functions and you can get msgsrv32 error messages due to glitchy drivers or program bugs.

Try starting in Safe Mode, if there is no problem, then most likely a driver or program is to blame. If there is a problem then may be its a hardware problem.

An intuitive guess would be a problem with your video drivers. Try removing and re-installing, and/or updating to the latest drivers.

10-10-2001, 04:19 PM
This sounds alot like a graphics driver problem, 'ati....' not responding - do you have an Ati videocard?

Try reinstalling the graphics card - this seems to be the most promising solution.

11-10-2001, 11:44 AM
Thank you Terry and Dylan for yourr advice. I have un-installed the video card which had the effect of removing Ati2evxx from the first Close Programme box that opens during the process. However, Msgsrv32 still shows as not responding, and I End Task here and the same process occurs but the second Close Programme box with ATI2evxx does not appear - it skips straight to the completely empty Close Programme box where I elect to Shut Down.
I attempted to start in Safe Mode, but the system will not give me the screen where I can select Safe Mode. (Tried holding Ctl and F8 keys.) Anyone with any other suggestions?