View Full Version : Strange problem with rights

09-10-2001, 11:54 AM
I recently installed ZoneAlarm but since I uninstalled it, things has never been the same. It installed a couple of services on my NT machine and when I tried to uninstall it the first time, I need to have be in Administrator account to do so. Once I have successfully uninstalled it, all of a suddent things become strange. First I couldn't access my control panel applets, says 'Access to specified device path or file is denied'. But I was able execute the applet when I tried to find the cpl file manually. So as my program/toolbar shortcuts, all of a sudden the directory name is invalid, etc. But going thru the path and execute them manually, it's ok.
What's going on? Am using NT4 Workstation, SP6.
Thanks for any help.

09-10-2001, 05:22 PM
It seems to have probably changed the rundll32.exe file or changed shortcuts or something.

Try re-installing windows to fix any errors.