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08-10-2001, 08:44 PM
I live in CHCH previously a speedy place for the internet. Increasingly in the last 4 months I have noticed that my internet connection is performing worse and worse, not just for one provider but for both Zfree and Ihug with the same type of signal degredation.

I use System monitor to monitor my download speed using the Bytes recieved/second.

Often I roll along at about 5.6k with both providers, but now I and then I notice that my signal will take on the appearance of a square wave for both providers at the same time.

So I will get a burst of 5.6 or more for about 3 sec (if I'm lucky) and then a gap of no signal for about 5-10 seconds then another high burst of signal again. This happens at odd times throughout the week. It can often be severely bad when you expect it - Sunday -for example, but sometimes it will happen at unexpected times like 8:am Monday morning.

It will occur for a while, like tonight at about 6pm only to be back to normal later 7:30pm. Its not really a square wave as the sides are not straight but the signal seems to be throttled off for a while then let back on.

I thought this was just me, its not the providers as far as I know, and Telecom said I had a perfect line, but at a friends place in chch they have paradise and I found a similar situation with them, - if not worse, their signal was often non existant.

This has driven me nuts, to post this letter has taken me at least 10 minutes to reach this site and I have had to reconnect 3 times, the connection being lost during the no signal periods - this is for both providers. I don't think my software is causing this problem, I use Zonealarm, and Inoculate, and recently upgraded to IE6.

Am I the only person experiencing this problem, or do others not just notice it? I don't believe that I am getting fair service from Ihug if my signal is so poor that it takes me 10 minutes to load a page. (Zfree is free so I cant complain there)

Can my signal be deliberatly managed in this way? By rationing the signal into bursts for subscribers? Or is the bandwidth being used for other business activities - short bursts of high speed that takes up all the bandwidth and so we just potter along in the gaps. This is happening so consistently now that I am sure it is getting worse.

Any feedback on this would be warmly recieved.

08-10-2001, 09:12 PM
I experience the same problem here in Te Awamutu (not a hope of getting dsl here :-( )
I know others who are going through the same problem - it must be nation-wide?

08-10-2001, 10:27 PM
If this is not just me, and there is a large suffering silent group of people out there enduring poor connections, then is there some sort of lobby group for their behalf, or an explanation as to why our service is getting worse, or just an explanation as to why its so bad?

How about an article covering it in PC World? Maybe a poll?