View Full Version : DVD-ROM can't read dvd but can cd and vcd

08-10-2001, 01:23 AM
My dvd-rom used to play dvd. However, at the moment it is unable to play dvd. A few weeks back sometimes it would play sometimes it said disk damaged. I thought the disk has been damaged so I borrowed some other dvd disks to test. The dvd-rom could not recognise any disk.

Since I am new to computer, I had a person to help reinstalled windows 98 for me and he may have changed the setting. Before the reinstallation of windows 98 the dvd-rom was able to run dvd disk well. However, now it does recoginise the disk and say there is no disk in the drive.

Also, before the cd-writer was able to play music through the computer speakers, now it can run progams and write well but can?t play music through the computer speakers. However, music does come out to the earphone jack. DVD-ROM can play music cd and produce sound through both the computer speakers and earphone jack.

I have one cd- writer, one dvd-rom and one floppy disk drive.
I am told that the dvd-rom does not need a driver since windows will recoginise it . I don't have the driver for them anyway .

These is the information I see when the computer starts up

Diskette Drive A:1.44
Diskette Drive B: None
Pri. Master Disk : LBA, UDMA2, 10243MB
Pri Slave Disk : None
Sec. Master Disk : CD-ROM, Mode 4
Sec. Slave Disk : None

In the Device Manager

Disk Drive

When I tried to update driver by double click on the SONY DVD-ROM DDU220E in the Device Manager window it said the best drive Windows found is already installed for this device. Same for MASHITA CD-R CW7502.

Please advise how to correct this . Many thanks.

08-10-2001, 08:11 AM
Maybe if you changed your region settings from the default (you are only allowed to change the region a set amount of times) you may have used all your chances, it could be locked on another region, this would block you from watching eg/ zone 4 (new Zealand) dvds.

09-10-2001, 03:47 PM
The easy bit: Your cd or dvd drive both put sound to the earphone connector on their front panels. To play through the computer speakers, one of them will have a cable going from it to your sound card, which then is controlled by the mixer programme for volume control. Your expert has moved that cable from the CD to the DVD drive. To get the DVD playing movies ...
I suppose the first step is to 'remove' the DVD from the Device Manager window, shut down, power down, restart and let it be detected and installed again. That won't do any harm, anyway.