View Full Version : Excel Out of Memory problem

04-04-1999, 05:57 PM
Can anyone please help with the 'Not enough memory' problem I am having?
I am using Office97, the total file size is only a little over 500KB, of which probably about a half is graphics, the rest being mostly formulae rather than data. It is primarily an engineering calculation sheet as opposed to a data referencing sheet. I have used quite a lot of conditional formatting and there is a lot of interaction of the formula.
It became steadily worse as I added functions and now occurs when running a macro that preloads data. (maximum 'calculating' activity) often at the same place, where there is quite a lot of conditional formatting occurring. (cell colours, and borders changing)
The first onset of the problem used to occur on a print or print preview command which I found I could work around by saving the loaded data, closing the file and reopening it, then printing.
I have tried using it on several machines, a Pent90 and two Pent133's all running Win95 and surprise surprise, it is worse on the one with the most RAM (64M) when it occurs during a toggle down, after loading about a half of the entry data.
There are five cross-referenced worksheets (performing related sub calculations) and I did get a small improvement when I set them all to the same zoom (100%)
I posted my problem in an excel newsgroup but never got an answer, although I did see a reference to this problem, and labelled AGAIN so I presume it's not unique.
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, thanks.