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03-04-1999, 10:28 PM
I have a slimline b-AT style case. I intend to change the HD, add new RAM change the cpu/board and the video card and add a sound card and LAN card.

The case I have is that the cards are placed horizontally instead ie. PCI ISA etc.

I like my case style and size is it possible to keep it at the same time upgrading to a PII 350/400 or Celeron 400. I was on the net surfing in intel's, asus's and gigabyte's web pages and seen that NLX designed boards/cases need a riser card that would work in a slimeline case.

What are your comments for NLX? Is it more expensive than ATX and b-AT PII's/Celeron's? If I want to use NLX what would I need to replace and do, in comparison how much expensive is it compared to ATX or b-AT methods.