View Full Version : shortcut arrows wndows me

06-10-2001, 12:34 AM
I have read somewhere that Windows ME has its own options to remove shortcut arrows, I can't remember where or how, is there a tweak for Windows ME


06-10-2001, 08:55 AM
To access these options, download and install tweakui from the microsoft website or pcworld plus disk. (To install tweakui, right click on tweakui.inf) This will create a new icon in the control panel through which you can access tweakui. Run tweakui, click the explorer tab and then none for shortcut overlay. At this time you can also choose to remove the 'shortcut to' prefix.

If you dont want to install tweakui then you will have to edit the registry. Run the Registry Editor (REGEDIT.EXE). Search for the text IsShortcut, and remove any references to it. This means that there may be more than one occurance of the word. Click on the desktop, and press F5 to refresh the desktop so that this change will take effect.
Before making any changes, remember to backup the registry first.