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27-04-2011, 02:16 PM
Hi guys, I'm a retailer using windows XP embedded on a datavan pos computer, running Cashcow and using an ingenico 5100 eftpos terminal.

At the moment the ingenico is connected to cashcow via an rs232 cable (parallel or serial, I never know which is which) but I think the connector on my motherboard is damaged and it no longer works. How can I get it working with a USB cable, and what do I need to configure? I tried plugging it into an rs232 usb converter, but it doesnt seem to do anything. Cashcow has a port selector, and I tried every port, no luck.

Basically, how do I determine which usb port the rs232 converter is plugged into? I think what I'm missing is telling the software which port to look for the ingenico on. Atm I cant even tell if the computer sees it at all or not, the USB could be a goner as well for all I know, but if I plug my scanner into it that seems to go fine.

This is infuriating, please help!

thanks :wub

27-04-2011, 03:34 PM
First, RS232 is serial, and you'll need a USB to Serial adapter. When you install the driver and suchlike (they can be very fiddly things to get right!) you tell the computer what COM port the USB to RS232 adapter talks to. Then, in your software you tell it what COM port your scanner uses.

Alex B
27-04-2011, 04:09 PM
RS232 to Serial is just a bad idea with POS. If its a standard-ish box I would use a PCI serial card. They seem much more robust, sometimes RS232 is used to trigger the till draw too, doesn't seem to work with USB.