View Full Version : Imaging for Windows crippled?

04-10-2001, 10:53 PM
Yeah G'Day

Can anyone tell me, is the copy of Kodak Imaging for Windows supplied with Win98 meant to be crippled? I find that page/properties has all the options greyed out and the annotations tool bar is also unavailable.

Both these features are fully operational in Win2000 so I wondered if the program copy on Win98 is faulty or if Kodak/M$ just decided to get generous in W2K. The program isn't much use without those features as you can't annotate or resize images.

I tried to transfer the later exe program to the W98 computer but after copying heaps of files called by the program every time I tried to start it I finally got a message box saying that it would only run on NT/2K.

Am I stuck with the crippled version? Give it to me straight guys! I can take it!


05-10-2001, 12:38 AM
I just had a play and I think it depends on the type of image that you open.

The program can only write BMPs and TIFFs. So it won't let you change something you can't save,eg GIF and JPEGs.

05-10-2001, 12:08 PM
Thanks BM

I've had a play and bitmaps do work but it must be an intentionally crippled version to lock out gifs & jpegs. Seems a bit silly (or perhap$ not $o $illy)to lock out the file formats most casual users would need.

I wonder if 98ME has the same problem. I don't use ME but I have an install CD here somewher that I might be able to copy the correct files from.

The 98 version is kodakimg.exe 516KB dated 11 May 1998.

Does anybody know if the ME version is crippled or what the file size and date is in ME?