View Full Version : Permanently deleting false[?] windows update file winolf.exe

16-04-2011, 05:58 AM
While Microsoft (or maybe an imposter) is bugging me to restart for a Windows update, I get a red Norton warning about a Trojan reportedly blocked.

The file responsible is C:\windows\install\winolf.exe according to Norton. It says the file has been deleted, but the warning keeps recurring. Rebooting (which I'd have to do sooner or later anyway) doesn't solve the problem.

A search with Windows Explorer (naturally) fails to uncover any such file - either because it's deeply hidden or because Norton had deleted it when I searched, only for it to be subsequently regenerated.

How do I get rid of it permanently?

My OS is Windows 7 (dual booting with Ubuntu).

Don't bother to say "switch to Ubuntu permanently" :) I still have needed applications (and many data files) that do not exist in a Linux version. I want to clean Windows 7!

16-04-2011, 07:50 AM
Get rid of Nortons, install Microsoft security essentials & malwarebytes antimaleware. Update & run them both. Bet that will fix the problem and also save you a load of money too.