View Full Version : Terminal Services YUK I HATE TS

04-10-2001, 05:53 PM
When our remote users connect to terminal services and run our accounting package called Accpac over terminal services it stuffs up our printing system on a regular bases about 4 times a week. i try to delete the offending printer or even adda printer and i always get an error unable to connect to the print sub system and the only way around this is if i go into regedit and manually delete the printer Key. while this all happens the print spooler is still running does not skip a beat ???

04-12-2001, 02:03 PM
John, I am an ACCPAC Technical Consultant and would like to see if we can help you with this issue. If you have any more info such as Terminal Server version number, service packs applied etc, and what ACCPAC software you are running, please send me an e-mail to llewellyn.victor@accpac.com. If you have had resolution, I would be grateful if you can advise me the solution.

Llewellyn Victor - ACCPAC