View Full Version : Oh those embarrassing Mistakes

The Error Guy
31-03-2011, 09:43 PM
Ouch! Still, it happens!! I have done the same thing, except we decided to honor the ad (It didnt cause any losses)

http://click.engage.xbox.com/?qs=01f5fd9dc7815535123c8df233ce83d864344b68612f0d 9227d6e15a3f7a1d0b890e7017b9cbf28e

31-03-2011, 11:16 PM
From May 2003 PC World:

Ten speedy kiwis took advantage of a pricing blunder on IBM's Australian website, landing ThinkPad notebooks at %10 of their normal price. IBM advertised ThinkPad R40 notebooks on the site for $A201 instead of $A2049 incl GST. IBM will honour the sale...


and from September 2001:

On August 21, 123 visitors to United Airline's website snapped up $20 tickets for a Chicago to Mumbai round-trip - though that wasn't quite as sweet as the 23 people who, on May 17, scooped up multi-trip tickets worth more than $5000 for 25 cents each. United will honour the fares. An optional offer to cancel the fares was not taken up by any of the purchasers...

I wonder why...