View Full Version : DHCP on Domain Network - Firewall

28-03-2011, 06:19 PM
Encountered a strange issue ... few computers on this domain network have been working fine but suddenly failed to get IP through DHCP. They all work fine when set to fixed IP though, and all other PCs on the network are working fine with DHCP.

On this particular PC I looked at today, the firewall was on for the domain network, probably due to the fact that I have changed the policy to allow users (really just me) to enable the firewall on domain network (that was done for another purpose). This option was disabled by policy normally to stop the firewall being switched on users by mistake as the main application on this network does not work well with firewall on.

Anyway, by turning off the firewall manually, the DHCP worked!

I will change the policy back to stop people turning on the firewall for domain network (can still turn on for public network etc). But just wonder if anyone know why the firewall stops the DHCP from working? I never had that issue before.