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20-03-2011, 09:14 PM
Someone only wants to spend $500, so that either a new Netbook or a used laptop running XP or Vista Core 2 Duo. He also likes a Netbook.

Question is; for every day usage (incl at home, he does not have a PC) I am sure it's fast enough for his needs but knowing that it's smaller etc .. would an average person feel frustrated?

He needs are just web surfing, email and school work (word and excel).


20-03-2011, 09:37 PM
The typically-lower screen resolution of a netbook may be frustrating with long-term use of documents/spreadsheets, and some people find the smaller keyboards less comfortable to use.

21-03-2011, 09:35 PM
I have a netbook - it is great but I would not be without my desktop 19" screen for most of my work. I don't find the keyboard a problem - but then I don't have farmer's fingers!

21-03-2011, 11:14 PM
I tried to do a programming assignment on one of those and it was a truly terrible experience. Most of the frustration probably stemmed from the fact that it was my first time using Mac OS + X-Code + Objective C. Although the small screen and non-standard keyboard layout played their part too.

The Error Guy
22-03-2011, 07:39 AM
For schoolwork i'd recommended a 2nd hand laptop, its just easier to use.

Get him to try a netbook for a while by borrowing one or going to a store. I have found that they are introducing some weird touch pad mouse buttons (on the side instead of bottoe) to the mice. Overall, they are good for quick use but they infuriate the living heck out of me after a while.

Also, the cheap netbooks seem to be getting really frustrating (they feel tacky)

Documents will be a pain on the small screen, as will web browsing

In the end, just try them out. after all, hes the one using it not us.

22-03-2011, 08:32 AM
I think he is set on them.
He might just pick up a external LCD/keyboard when required.

The portable-ness of taking it to the campus and lounge seems great.

And from me, 2nd hand laptops, once you add in a copy of Windows 7 - the price does soar to near a new laptop price. 3yr yr old Thinkpad might set you back $400 approx. Add in postal buying off TM and then a copy of Windows 7 and maybe upgrade the typically 1GB RAM.

22-03-2011, 05:48 PM
Add in postal buying off TM and then a copy of Windows 7 and maybe upgrade the typically 1GB RAM.
Is there a reason this person has to use W7? If not, consider Linux - Ubuntu has a very nice netbook version that makes the best use of a small screen.