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18-03-2011, 11:54 AM
I have an LCD TV and receive transmissions via satellite (no terrestrial reception) in New Zealand.

I am using a Pioneer DVR-520H-S (80GB HDD) DVD recorder and two STB's to set up my reception and recording of TV transmissions.

I need the two STB's as I wish to view one channel on TV while I record another on the DVR. Both STB's can only tune one channel at a time.

At present, I have set up the system so that I can do what I want, but this arrangement restricts some of the attributes of the STB's and some from the DVR.

If I attach a diagram, I might be able to explain the setup better, but the basic setup is as follows;

Antenna>>>Splitter-Antenna A>>>STB-A>>>Composite Leads (AV)>>>TV

STB-A>>>Composite Leads>>>DVR Recorder

Antenna>>>Splitter-Antenna B>>>STB-B>>>HDMI Lead>>>TV

DVR Recorder>>>Component Leads>>>TV

As you can see, the antenna leads only go into the STB's. and not into the DVR recorder. I have seen a couple of diagrams that suggest interconnecting the antenna outputs from some of the boxes, and other suggestions that say that there shouldn't be any antenna interconnection. Any suggestions.

If needbe, I can send STB and DVR spec's, connections, etc.

18-03-2011, 12:24 PM
unless your DVR can decode the sattelite signal there would be no reason to connect the aerial, and if that was the case you wouldn't need a stb either.

A much more elegant solution would be a dual tuner sattelite PVR basically doing the job of all 3 devices in one box. I know myfreeview have these for terrestrial but I think I've seen sattelite ones as well.

Do you have both stb's connected to the DVR and the TV ? seems unecessary if so cant you just dedicate one for recording and one for viewing ?

18-03-2011, 01:17 PM
Didn't you ask the same question and get the same advice on geekzone?

18-03-2011, 01:52 PM
Yes I have posted on Geekzone, I am doing the rounds so that I can get the best coverage of responses.

Yes the DVR HDD will only accept inputs from a STB (not direct from the antenna), I am using it to record and for time-shift viewing.

STB-A is connected to both the recorder and the TV so that I can see what is being recorded, on the DVR while viewing the channel, and for setting up, etc. If I don't wish to view this channel, then I use the output from the STB-B for viewing (not connected to the DVR).

I initially had a Hills HSM075 STB (single tuner) but wanted to record and view on two different channels.

Splurging out on a new dual-channel receiver wasn't an option. The second STB (B) is an UltraPlus 700HDMI PVR.

Only the STB-A is connected to the DVR as well as being connected to the TV.